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Our focus at Synergy is to correct body dysfunction and give you the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healthy, happy, and whole lifestyle we all long to have!


"Since finishing my football career at the University of Georgia in 2014, I have kept busy with the ongoing treatment of lingering issues from past injuries ranging from reconstructed ligaments to numerous concussions. After several years of unsuccessfully seeking relief, I discovered Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and could not be more pleased with the degree of improvement that Dr. Hatrak and his team have made possible. Of the many qualities that set Synergy apart, I believe the two that make them so exceptional are their attention to detail and their breadth of available resources. From my initial consultation to each appointment that has followed, Dr. Hatrak and his team have been consistently attentive in their approach to my treatments and have thoroughly investigated each nuance of my injuries. My experience has been benefited greatly from Synergy’s access to a wide range of resources, including innovative treatment methods and specialists within the field who have been able to provide valuable insight related to various injuries. My time with Synergy has been nothing less than transformational, and I would strongly encourage those seeking to restore or improve their health to see for themselves the value that Synergy can to add to their lives."
"My son has gone to see Dr. Hatrak in the past. My son is a baseball player and had chronic shoulder pain. I was advised to have surgery to correct. I went to Dr Hatrak for a second opinion before operating on my 17 year old son. Dr Hatrak said he sees the problem. In 6 sessions my son was pain free. 6 months later my son was offered a Div 1 baseball scholarship. If my son had the surgery (which was not needed) he would not have been offered a scholarship because he would have been in rehab. I could not recommend more strongly. Thanks to Dr Hatrak and the entire staff."
"Dr. Mike Rice at Synergy Sports & Wellness has been a tremendous benefit to me. I have struggled with posture issues throughout my life and my flexibility has always been terrible. Within a couple of visits, my hips have improved alignment and the benefits have helped my posture and back pain. Dr. Rice has done amazing work in getting my posture corrected which has helped eliminate back pain among other benefits. I highly recommend his services and that of Synergy Sports & Wellness Institute of Atlanta."


We work to correct those imbalances and avoid injury that might otherwise keep you away from your game. We are different in many ways but we have found that over 85% of everyone treated by us have experienced rehabilitation 60% faster than traditional methods. Why be out of your game for 3 – 6 months when you can be back in the game after 3 – 6 visits ? Come talk to our Certified Synergy Release Physicians and see for yourself why we are so different.

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Come talk to our Certified Synergy Release Physicians and see for yourself why we are so different.

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Come talk to our Certified Synergy Release Physicians and see for yourself why we are so different.