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10 Most Common Runner Injuries and How to Prevent Them

March 9th, 2020 by Synergy

preventing injuriesSpring is on the horizon and so are spring marathons. Are you ready to spring into action or are you letting injury hold you back? Whether you are an experienced ultramarathon runner or a novice, it is important that you know the injuries and risks associated with running and how to prevent and properly recover from them. Common injuries for runners include:

  • Tendonitis and tendonosis

These two conditions are similar—they both deal with tendon discomfort. Tendonitis is when the tendon becomes inflamed, whereas tendonosis is the more extensive damaging of the tendon. The neglect of this injury could result in a stress fracture.

  • Stress fractures

A stress fracture is a hairline crack in the bone that causes pain and discomfort. In runners, it usually happens in the shin or foot.

  • Pulled muscle

Also known as a muscle strain, a pulled muscle is often caused by overstretching. One of the best ways to alleviate a pulled muscle is through proper stretching when the muscles are warm. Another way to care for your pulled muscle is through the implementation of RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  • Shin splint

Shin splint pain occurs in the lower leg along the front of the shin bone or tibia. This condition usually occurs after changing or increasing your workout. Rest and stretching are effective practices that help heal shin splints.

  • Ankle sprain

This injury occurs when ligaments become torn or severely stretched around the ankle, usually from rolling or twisting the ankle in an unusual way. RICE is not only a great way to relieve a pulled muscle, it’s also great for improving an ankle sprain.

  • Runner’s knee

Runner’s knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome, occurs when your kneecap hits your thigh bone, making it agitated. Stretching and mixing up your running routine may help this condition.

  • Illiotibial band syndrome (IT band)

This injury occurs when the ligament that runs along the outside of the thigh thickens and rubs on the knee bone. This friction often causes inflammation. This injury is caused by overuse. Rest and regular stretching may improve your condition.

  • Plantar fasciitis

This injury is caused by inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes. Stretching tends to help this condition. Although this condition is irritated by activity, plantar fasciitis can occur without activity. Getting fitted for proper shoes may also make a positive improvement.

  • Thick or black toenails

Many runners can experience thickened or discolored toenails. To avoid this, wear proper fitting shoes. See a podiatrist in severe cases.

  • Blisters

This condition occurs from friction between shoes or socks and often occurs when using new or ill-fitting shoes. This friction causes the skin to protect itself with fluid-filled sacks. To remedy blisters, make sure your socks are thick and your shoes fit properly.

These common injuries don’t have to keep you from running the course. With the right injury management and prevention plan, you can put these injuries behind you and keep working toward your running goals. Keep the big picture in mind. Gently ease into warmups and stretches. Rushing into your run without stretching or running too frequently can have adverse effects.

How to prevent injury:

  • Stretch

Stretching should be a part of your regular exercise regimen. However, there is not exact stretching timeline that you need to follow. Some people do better with stretching intensely a few times per week while others prefer to do less rigorous stretching more often. What’s important is that you find a routine that works for you and remain consistent.

  • Roll your muscles

Foam Rolling Therapy at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ can help improve your range of motion, reduce your muscle fatigue, quicken your recovery, and ease your muscle tension. Foam Rolling Therapy provides nearly muscle relief.

Whether you are new to running or are a bonafide expert, you deserve to run with confidence and comfort. You don’t have to let current or previous injury keep you from the finish line. If you are new to running or preparing for a marathon and need advice about how you can improve your performance, give us a call at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ at (404) 352-8900. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.