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About Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™

Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, based in Atlanta, GA, is far more than just a typical chiropractic practice. Synergy is a chiropractic and sports wellness clinic that exists at the epicenter of innovative athletic performance. If you are trying to enhance your athletic performance, prevent common sports injuries, or accelerate your rehabilitation from a recent injury, the providers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ have the experience and expertise to provide what you need, whether you are a teenager, a baby boomer, or anywhere in-between.

Here at Synergy, we are able to treat a wide range of patients. This includes healthy lifestyle seekers and weekend warriors to some of the world’s most elite athletes, including over 450 professional athletes and Olympians. We offer a variety of specialized treatments and therapies designed specifically to minimize injury risk and aid in healing and rehabilitation. Regardless of whether you are trying to reach your top level of athletic performance or avoid potential debilitating setbacks, the specialists at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ will help get you back to your peak level of performance.

The certified doctors and trainers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ are innovators and teachers who are on the cutting edge of sports therapy. Our doctors use chiropractic medicine in conjunction with our proprietary Synergy Release Therapy technique to help identify the root causes of your pain and discomfort, treat the issue, and accelerate the rehabilitation process to help get you back to 100%. Synergy sets itself apart from other sports medicine and chiropractic clinics with their hands-on, patient-centered approach. We use a variety of metrics to analyze and evaluate each patient in order to diagnose the underlying biomechanical cause of the patient’s issue. This allows Synergy to treat the actual cause of the problem instead of just managing the symptoms. Our providers utilize advanced therapeutic massage, stretching, and muscle activation techniques to restore balance to the body and help achieve outstanding performance results that last.

Synergy Sports Wellness Institute AtlantaDr. Hatrak & Ryan Howard of the Phillies.

Dr. Hatrak working with a patientDr. Hatrak working with a patient.

We see a range of patients from healthy lifestyle seekers, weekend warriors, and professional level athletes. Including over 450 professional athletes and olympians. We'll take care of your sports injury with specialized treatments found only at Synergy Release Sports.

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