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Ask The Doctors

  1. Your doctors are Chiropractors but everything you do is different?Our doctors’ education is in Chiropractic but their training is much broader.  Our proprietary Synergy Release Technique utilizes 5 phases of dysfunction.  With these phases we can actually predict which injuries are common for you, while also recognizing how to prevent these injuries from occurring and of course how to fix any current injuries.  By evaluation and observation of your body biomechanics, we are able to use a sequence of treatment that has proven worthy.  We recognize the value of “staying in the game,” whether it be sports or day-to-day activities, and we want to get you to that point as soon as possible.
  2. Will I need future treatments after I am pain free and fixed?After your initial rehabilitation with the Synergy Release Technique, we recommend that you see us when you need us.  Many of our patients prefer to come in once or twice a month in order to prevent future injuries from occurring.  We realize that you know your body better than anyone else, so your future treatments are up to you.
  3. Why should I use your massage therapists?Typical massage therapy will treat your symptom as the cause. Symptoms are the location of your complaint or pain, often strained or sprained tissue. This treatment protocol results in slow recovery time and facilitates a recurring injury.  Synergy Release Massage Therapy… put simply treats the structural imbalance that is the root cause of the pain.

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