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Dr. Hatrak,

My son got a concussion playing football at age 15. His symptoms were- headaches, light and noise sensitivity, and a complete change in mood and personality. We saw several different concussion specialists and vestibular therapists over several months. He made some initial improvements, but certain symptoms still lingered. It puzzled the doctors because his hit wasn’t that bad and they thought his recovery would be very fast. After a while we were concerned that he would never return to “normal”. After moving to Atlanta a family member recommended Synergy and Dr. Hatrak to us to see if they could help. At first we were skeptical as we felt we had tried it all, but we decided that if it helped it would be worth it. We are so thankful we did! Dr. Hatrak, Dr. Roura and the Synergy team had treatments we had never heard of before. Dr. Hatrak gave me information about concussions that I had never heard, despite many consultations with other concussion specialists and countless hours of my own research. Our family is so thankful for the team at Synergy and the passion Dr. Hatrak has for helping people heal from injuries. We have our son back!

We are so thankful for your help with Dylan’s concussion!
Christina B.

Owner of F45 Bodybuilding

Mr. & Mrs. King

Clay Adams

Gail Carpenter

Cameron Kelpsa