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SRT Treatment Approach

Synergy Release Sports has a unique way of correcting body dysfunction utilizing a therapy called Synergy Release Therapy (S.R.T.). S.R.T. was developed by biomechanics specialist John Patterson. Patterson found that the cause of most injuries started early in life as a result of one or more stresses causing a compromise in the structural patterns and development of the body.

Additional or continuous stress in the forms of falls, accidents, poor lifestyle choices or repetitive stress further compromise the body causing a progressive downward pattern of dysfunction.

Recognition of these stress patterns is the true genius of the Synergy Release Therapy.  These stress patterns are categorized into “Phases” of dysfunction.

Our process involves 5 phases of altered dysfunction. Correction of these phases first requires an extensive evaluation. Only a certified SRT practitioner can recognize the true sequential pattern of dysfunction and structural defects. Since structure alters function, correction of these defects brings the body back into balance. The SRT one of a kind evaluation and treatment returns the body to correct balance, enhancing lifestyle and athletic performance.

About Synergy Release Therapy

Synergy Release Therapy is a personalized therapy that keeps you at the top of your game.  Our unique patented system is a multi-step process that includes evaluation and treatment protocol that advances your healing and maximizes performance.  This system not only locates the root cause of your pain but also therapeutically corrects and reverses your problem. Your symptoms not only go away but stay away because unlike other approaches, we work to resolve the root cause of your discomfort, not just treat your symptom(s). We don’t prescribe drugs to mask the real causes of the discomfort; we go directly to the source and work backwards. Our goal is to change your life and make you feel better then you have ever felt before.

A Closer Look at the SRT Process – Step by Step 

First – SRT involves a detailed evaluation is performed to first determine the root of your problem.

Second – We determine the initial starting point, whether it be muscle, spinal, or an extremity. Then we discuss this with you before starting care.

Third – A sequential treatment protocol follows and identifies all possible effective treatments.

Fourth – A personalized treatment plan is executed.

Fifth – Utilizing a unique treatment protocol that includes advanced therapies not available in an average doctor’s office, we prescribe specific treatment modalities depending on the severity of the condition.

As a result, our sequential treatment protocol systematically unwinds your body from dysfunctional and debilitating patterns. This system allows us to see and treat not only current injuries but also potential injuries before they happen, Prehab as we call it.

Staying on the cutting edge of advanced therapy, our treatment allows you to excel because your body is more stable, faster, healthier and void of the nagging injuries that plagued you in the past.

The Result

Synergy Release Therapy keeps you one step ahead of your injuries, without pain, and two steps ahead of the competition.