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If you’re confused about the difference between a sprain and a strain, you’re not alone. These terms are misused very commonly, and it’s understandable to be a bit unclear. Not only are their names nearly identical, but they are both soft tissue injuries and they share similar symptoms. The key factor that differentiates these two […]

I have many patients in the office ask me, “Is there anything I can do before and after my workout to help me feel better or reduce my injury risk?” 99% of the time, the answer to that question is a definitive yes. Although depending on each individual person’s goals and exercise routine, this can […]

By Dr. Michael Roura Being on your cell phone all the time can be a real pain in the neck…literally!  As we all know, most people in America cannot go an hour without looking at their smartphones to check out the next meme of the day.  But what is so wrong with that, right?  Well, […]

Our Synergy Release Therapy is all about optimizing your body so you can live life to the fullest. For some, that means enhancing their athletic performance. For others, it means treating a problem that has been holding them back. We strive to be a well-rounded practice, offering several different treatment methods so we can customize […]

Whether you’re a dedicated professional athlete or just work out whenever you can to keep yourself healthy, you have probably experienced a moment when you realized you had pushed your body too far.  Typically, this can manifest as a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve, two of the most common injuries that we treat here […]

As a chiropractic and wellness facility in a city rich with exceptional sports programs, we work with many top-notch athletes and health-minded individuals to help them perform to their full potential. Few people realize that we actually help many outside of the athletic field as well. From children to senior citizens, countless people suffer with […]

There are many different sports medicine and chiropractic clinics out there, but what sets the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ apart is our patient-centered approach.  Our unique evaluation process uses a variety of metrics to analyze and diagnose the underlying biomechanical causes of a patient’s issues, and our proprietary Synergy Sports Wellness Institute ™ Release Technique […]

We are extremely excited to welcome everyone to the official blog of Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™. This blog will serve as a source of education, general information and conversation on the latest advances in the fields of sports medicine, athletic performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. We will also provide regular updates on our services and […]

Understanding Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain can be debilitating, preventing an individual from performing the simplest of tasks such as eating, dressing, working, etc (1).  In fact, you may not realize how important your shoulders are, until your mobility and usage is limited due to injury.  At Synergy, we understand how painful shoulder injuries can be, […]