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Hear Firsthand from Patients Synergy has Helped

October 30th, 2018 by Synergy Admin

Welcome to the Official Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ BlogNo one wants to go through life experiencing chronic pain or a limited range of motion. At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, we do everything we can to provide the best chiropractic care and wellness treatments to every patient we treat. Whether we are working with a world-class athlete or someone dealing with job-related pain, we offer a wide range of diagnostic and chiropractic treatments to help our patients feel better than ever before. To help demonstrate the impact Synergy can have on the lives of our patients, check out these firsthand testimonials from those we have worked with in the past:

Injuries are an unfortunate, but sometimes unavoidable, part of playing any sport. Thankfully, the team at Synergy has what it takes to treat a number of the most common sports injuries. Take it from patient, Nate R:

I have gone to see Dr. Hatrak and the team at Synergy several times for sports injuries, ranging from concussions and hip problems to broken and sprained ankles. Each time the team has been able to help greatly speed up the recovery process through several different sports wellness therapies. When Dr. Hatrak and his team perform adjustments, they are always able to fix the problem. The hyperbaric chamber and MicroCurrent therapies that they use are incredible in speeding up the recovery process. Thank you, Synergy!

When our patient Ben S injured his back, even the most minor physical activities became nearly impossible. Thankfully, we were able to find the root cause of his pain get him back on his feet and feeling his best:

Last year I started a new fitness program. After a few weeks I found myself with severe lower back pain that was so bad that I could no longer exercise. I even had trouble picking up my newborn daughter. I limped in to see Dr. Hatrak for my first visit but walked out feeling great! After three more visits my back was completely better and I was able to get back to normal living. Dr. Hatrak and his team utilized a very unique treatment called Synergy Release Therapy, as well as MicroCurrent therapy. They were able to solve my back issues by focusing on the areas of my body that were really causing this issue: my hips, hamstrings, and glutes. I highly recommend Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ if you have chronic pain, injury, or just want to improve your performance. They got me back in the game quickly!

Here at Synergy, we put a premium on patient communication. Even patients who have had bad experiences with other chiropractic practices will tell you that Synergy is simply a cut above the rest. Take it from our patient, Paul B:

I had an appointment with Dr. Rice and it could not have gone any better. I confessed to him that I have had some very bad prior experiences with chiropractors. He assured me he and the team at Synergy would be different. He was not kidding. Dr. Rice was very friendly and professional. He took the time to explain everything that he was going to do and show me the equipment that would be used. He communicated with me throughout the whole process and seemed genuinely interested in my wellness. I was very comfortable throughout my time at Synergy. I can’t recommend them enough!

If you have a Synergy story of your own, we would love to hear it. Leave us a review on Google, Facebook, Google, or Yelp. If you’re experiencing pain and would like to know more about our available treatments, contact Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ today to schedule your consultation appointment. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, for more testimonials, tips, videos, and more.