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Hips & Lower Back

Hips and Lower Back Pain and Injuries

At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, we’ve seen first-hand how many common injuries start with hip misalignment. Correcting this dysfunction helps balance the entire body and prevents many non-contact injuries from re-occurring. That’s the crux of the specialized Synergy Release Technique we use – identifying misalignments and irregularities that put extra stress on the body, resulting in pain and injuries over time, and then designing a treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs.

Only a handful of doctors across the United States know the Synergy Release Technique, which is specifically designed to balance the hips, take pressure off the back, and balance the rest of the body. Many lower back and hip injuries can be prevented or corrected if these imbalances are treated quickly.

Among others, hip and/or lower back injuries that we successfully treat include:
Herniated Discs
Sports Hernia
Lower Back Subluxation
Abductor Strain
Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction
Lower Back Pain
Iliotibial (IT) Band Tendonitis
Hip Bursitis
Excessive Lordosis
Rib Fractures
Winged Scapula
Hip Pointer
Rib Pain
Hip Flexor Pain
Hip Pain


If you suffer from one or more of these issues, we offer a variety of therapies and treatment methods to bring relief and get you back to a pain-free lifestyle. Schedule a diagnostic exam for pain to get evaluated by our professionals and find out which treatments are best for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Back Pain:

What can I do about my low back pain?

The important thing is to remain active. Studies have shown that staying active can go a long way toward solving chronic lower back pain. Walking is one example of a good low impact activity.

What is the advantage of walking compared to strenuous exercise to alleviate chronic lower back pain?

Walking doesn’t require a gym membership and there is less chance of injury compared to a high impact exercise such as running. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Experts say that walking can boost your metabolism, help to control your weight and improve your mood.

What are some other ways to relieve lower back pain?

Adding a good stretching program to your daily routine is important for flexibility and preventing injury.  Strengthening your core muscles is also essential to relieving lower back pain. It is important to get assistance from one of our Synergy Sports Wellness experts to help with recommendations.