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Synergy Sports Wellness Institute FAQ’s

About Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™

How is Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ different from other sports medicine doctors/chiropractors?
Synergy Sports Wellness Institute has a unique way of treating the cause of injuries and pain rather than the symptom by using a therapy called Synergy Release Therapy along with a variety of other techniques. We have found that most injuries occur because the patient has a seemingly small misalignment or structural irregularity. In many cases, these abnormalities have existed for the patient’s entire life, and they cause excess stress on particular joints or parts of the body. Over time the stress adds up, either making you vulnerable to an injury or causing chronic pain. Recognition of these stress patterns is the key to our unique approach, the Synergy Release Technique. This specialized technique focuses on identifying and treating those small irregularities first, then treating the injuries or symptoms they’ve caused using treatments like Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT), hyperbaric therapy, massage, and more. This leads to faster and longer-lasting healing.

What types of medical professionals can I visit at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™? 
Our goal is to give each patient the precise treatment his/her injury needs, rather than only offering a few therapies that help a select few people. Because we provide a variety of therapies, we have a diverse medical team with different degrees, titles, and types of training. Our staff includes Doctors of Chiropractic, Certified Synergy Physicians, and Massage Therapists. However, they all have the advantage of specialized training in the Synergy Release Technique from Dr. Michael Hatrak.

If you’re a “sports wellness institute,” do you only treat athletes?  
No, we treat patients from all walks of life as well as professional athletes. Our patients range in age from infancy to their golden years. Everyone, from a youth athlete to a stay-at-home mom to a professional athlete, receives treatment focused on their precise needs.

I’m not an athlete, so how can Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™’s experience in athletic performance help me?
Everyone wants their body to perform at its best, whether your career depends on it or you just want to keep your body from getting in the way of doing what you want to do. Our providers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ have worked with some of the best athletes in the country to help heal injuries, correct existing imbalances, and help optimize peak performance. Whether you need chiropractic care, hyperbaric therapy, our proprietary and innovative Synergy Release Therapy, or any of our many other treatments, our providers will apply their experience and expertise with your unique case.

Is my child too young to be treated at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™? 
We treat all ages of children and adults at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, from infants to adults. When we treat kids, it’s most often because of an injury they sustained while playing sports like gymnastics, basketball, football, dancing, or just playing with their friends. While kids’ bodies seem to bounce back quickly, it’s important to make sure they’ve actually healed properly. If not, incidents that seemed minor at the time can become worse. An untreated injury can be re-injured to a more severe degree or impair the body’s ability to move the way it should. This can cause even more issues down the line. It’s best to bring your child in to see us after an athletic injury, even if they seem to have healed well. Our team of qualified, experienced, and caring professionals can examine your child, make sure they’ve healed appropriately, and if not, find and treat the root cause of the problem.

I just want my body to hurt less and to work better, but I don’t know where to start. What can Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ do for me?  Our approach at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ is all about treating causes rather than symptoms. For this reason, we’re equipped with all the skills and elements we need to perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam. We’ll listen to your concerns and find out what your goals are, then proceed with an exam to identify the underlying issues that are holding you back. It may be a specific injury or just aches and pains that have built up over the years. Armed with detailed information about your body’s needs, we’ll be able to customize a treatment plan that fits into your life and takes you where you want to go. This typically includes our Synergy Release Therapy complemented by chiropractic care, hyperbaric treatment, Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy (AMIT), or other options among our many available treatments. For the vast majority of our patients, we’re able to achieve the level of pain relief and performance improvement they want within 3-6 visits. We also provide maintenance treatments to help patients retain their results.

What are your hours of operation? 
On a typical week we are open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am-6pm, Wednesday from 9am-1pm, and Friday from 9am-3pm. Please note that this is subject to change, so you can call the office for our holiday hours or other changes.

Can I afford Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™?
Because it is our passion to take this amazing treatment to the public, we can’t reach our goals without you. We keep this in mind while setting our prices and we aim to be as affordable as possible. We also recognize most people do not have the time to attend treatment appointments for an extended length of time. We strive to get you better within 3-6 visits, not the 3-6 months that most other sports wellness and chiropractic offices expect.

Do you accept insurance? 
We do not accept insurance. However, please keep in mind that we focus our treatment on getting you better within 3-6 visits which makes our treatment affordable. Furthermore, we can provide you with an insurance-ready receipt for you to submit to your insurance carrier. Reimbursement will be determined by your insurance carrier.

About Our Therapies

What is a Synergy Release Therapy massage? 
Typical massage therapy will treat only your symptoms (primarily muscle soreness). This treatment protocol results in a slow recovery time and doesn’t help to prevent recurring injuries. Massage therapy using the Synergy Release Technique, on the other hand, first treats the structural imbalance that is the root cause of the pain. The damaged tissue has been set up for injury weeks, months, or years in advance with stress caused by misalignments or structural irregularities. First, we perform an extensive evaluation process to determine the root cause of your pain. Second, we use the Synergy Release Technique to treat the main cause affecting your symptoms. Then, if necessary, we determine if we need to utilize our neuro-muscular massage therapy to complement your treatment by aiding in sustainability and pain relief, often alongside other treatments like Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy (AMIT), Rapid Response Therapy, hyperbaric therapy, and more. This protocol provides an environment for fast recovery and prevents further injury.

What is a therapeutic class IV laser and how does it work?
In straightforward terms, the cells of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and muscles are repaired faster when exposed to laser light. Healing time is reduced to one-half to two-thirds the time it would normally take. A class IV therapeutic laser accelerates healing, increases collagen formation, blocks pain transmitted by nerve cells, reduces swelling and edema, and increases lymphatic drainage.

What is the difference between a class III and class IV laser? 
The difference between the class III and class IV is power. Class IV therapeutic lasers, described as high-power laser therapy, offer more power, deeper penetration and a larger surface area for the treatment.

What is Microcurrent and how does it work? 
Microcurrent therapy is a physical therapy technique that has been used for over 15 years. Using a specialized, machine, our providers send targeted electrical microcurrents into the area where you are injured or where you have pain. These microcurrents support cell health and allow the cells to accept nutrients more easily.

How are foot orthotics beneficial? 
Orthotics are used when the foot has an irregular alignment. After our medical team uses the Synergy Release Technique (SRT) to improve the body’s alignment, orthotics help to hold the SRT alignment by stabilizing the ankles, knees, and hips in their proper position. This contributes to less pain and a lower risk for future injuries.

About Sports Medicine for Athletes and Non-Athletes

Why is it important to seek preventative care? 
Preventative care is so important because it keeps your body working at a maximum level. It ultimately saves you time and money because it helps to keep an injury from occurring and keep other injuries from getting worse. There is no reason you can’t stay as active as you like if you take care of your body with the Synergy Release Technique, good nutrition, exercise, and plenty of sleep and rest. We have helped so many people regain their youth and vitality through a personalized blend of therapies. Many patients found their way back to a normal lifestyle within 3-6 visits and continue to enjoy their results with maintenance treatments down the road.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed aches and pains, but that’s just part of aging, right?
Actually no, it doesn’t have to be. It’s true that your body doesn’t heal itself as quickly with age, and sometimes old injuries can come back to bite you, but it’s not something you just have to live with. Our chiropractors, massage therapists, and other experienced professionals at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute have the expertise to help patients at any age to feel their best. We begin by simply listening to your concerns, finding the root cause of your problem with our diagnostic exam, and then creating a plan to help you reach your wellness goals. Our system is a long-term solution, not a temporary patch, so we focus on treating the true causes of your pain to give you lasting relief. Depending on your specific needs, we accomplish this with chiropractic care, specialized massage therapy, our innovative Synergy Release Therapy, Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy (AMIT), or other methods.

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