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If our bodies were cars, then the food we eat would be the fuel that made us go. However, in addition to providing the necessary energy our bodies need, certain foods can provide additional benefits including helping to repair bones, muscles, and tendons after injury. Certain ingredients and nutrients can help expedite the healing process and get you back on your feet. We recommend stocking your fridge and pantry with the following foods to help assist with your rehabilitation.

What Foods Can Promote Healing After an InjuryProtein-Rich Foods

After experiencing muscle damage, the affected area is often immobilized for rest and healing. This can lead to a decline in strength and muscle mass. Getting plenty of daily protein can help minimize this muscle loss. Additionally, protein can also help minimize recovery-slowing inflammation. Try loading up on protein-rich foods like lean meat, fish, poultry, tofu, beans, and nuts every day. Keep in mind that it matters how you distribute your protein intake throughout the day. We recommend spreading your protein equally over three meals. A protein-rich snack before bed can help enhance your body’s recovery while you sleep.

Calcium & Vitamin D

Calcium is essential for bone health, as well as muscle contractions and nerve signaling. Consuming calcium regularly can help prevent and recover from debilitating injuries. We recommend leafy greens, sardines, broccoli, okra, almonds, and calcium-fortified products like tofu. Vitamin D complements calcium by helping your body absorb the calcium you eat and drink. It has also been linked to aiding in recovery after surgery like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair. Although vitamin D isn’t found in many foods, exposure to sunlight and vitamin D supplements can be good sources of this essential nutrient.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Like protein, omega-3 fatty acids can assist in preventing excess inflammation and help your recovery process. These helpful fats can be found in fish like salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds. Omega-3 fats may help increase the creation of muscle protein and reduce the loss of muscle during immobilization. We also recommend limiting omega-6 fats, commonly found in corn, canola, soy, and sunflower oils. Consuming too many omega-6 fats can increase inflammation, especially if your intake of omega-3 fats is low.

When it comes to playing sports and living an active lifestyle, injuries are an unfortunate part of the game. Following these recommendations can help you heal following an injury and come back stronger than ever. If you have more severe and persistent pain or motion issues, you may benefit from the advanced treatment options we provide. For more information, contact Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ today. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the more tips and the latest news on sports medicine and chiropractic care.