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Dr. Michael Hatrak, owner and operator of Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and Synergy Release Sports, was honored with a Super Bowl ring for his long association with the Philadelphia Eagles and his role in treating the team during Super Bowl LII.

This February, Atlanta physician Dr. Michael Hatrak was privileged to serve as a biomechanical specialist and injury consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl LII. On June 14th, 2018, his dedication and excellence was recognized at a ring ceremony where he received a Super Bowl ring alongside the team and other key personnel. “The Eagles are a great team to work with,” says Dr. Hatrak, “and it’s an incredible honor to help them win their first Super Bowl.”

Dr. Hatrak and his colleague Dr. Andrew Potter worked with the team during Super Bowl week as biomechanical specialists and injury consultants. The game was a tightknit, back-and-forth affair decided by a Brandon Graham strip sack of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that occurred late in the fourth quarter. “As a lifelong Eagles fan, it meant a tremendous amount to be able to witness the Eagles claim their first Super Bowl title and their first league championship since 1960,” said Dr. Hatrak. “It’s an incredible honor to be a part of such a special moment in Eagles history.”

hatrak with super bowl ringAt Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and Synergy Release Sports, a team of certified chiropractors and massage therapists help patients of all ages and activity levels by relieving pain after injuries and enhancing their overall athletic performance. Dr. Hatrak’s technique is a multi-step process that begins by using the most advanced diagnostic technology to look beyond the superficial symptoms of an injury and diagnose the underlying biomechanical causes. Dr. Hatrak then develops a treatment plan that is customized to each patient’s individual needs. The Synergy-trained specialists employ a variety of advanced therapeutic techniques, including hyperbaric therapy, kinesiology taping, frequency specific microcurrent therapy, and the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. The certified Synergy therapists follow up with rehabilitative soft tissue techniques to promote healing and long-term improvement. The team Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and Synergy Release Sports does more than just treat the symptoms of an injury or mask the pain with drugs. They work directly on the specific source or cause of a patient’s discomfort and correct the underlying issues to provide real, long-term relief.

Dr. Hatrak has a long history of working with professional athletes as well as people from all walks of life. At the Atlanta and Alpharetta locations of his practice, he and his exceptional team put their expertise to work for our local athletes along with other Atlanta residents who want to reduce long-term pain or repair injuries. Prospective patients can learn more about their therapies and treatment approach at where they can also request a consultation.


Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and Synergy Release Sports are chiropractic and sports wellness clinics that are constantly advancing in innovative pain relief, injury prevention, and optimized athletic performance. The esteemed Dr. Michael Hatrak founded the practices to treat a wide range of patients, from healthy lifestyle seekers and weekend warriors to some of the world’s most elite athletes, including over 2,500 professional athletes and Olympians. They focus on three distinct areas: reducing pain, preventing injury, and maximizing athletic performance. Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ and Synergy Release Sports offer a variety of specialized treatments and therapies, combining and customizing them for each patient designed to minimize injury risk and aid in healing and rehabilitation.


If you’re confused about the difference between a sprain and a strain, you’re not alone. These terms are misused very commonly, and it’s understandable to be a bit unclear. Not only are their names nearly identical, but they are both soft tissue injuries and they share similar symptoms.

Sprain vs. Strain What is the Difference

The key factor that differentiates these two injuries is the part of the anatomy that is really being injured. A joint sprain is an overstretching or tearing of the ligaments that attach bone to bone – a common injury in the ankle. A muscle strain, on the other hand, is an overstretching or tearing of the dense fibrous tendons that attach muscle to bone. This type of injury is particularly common in the hamstrings or the lower back.

Symptoms associated with both sprains and strains include limited range of motion, pain, and swelling. However, joint sprains tend to cause bruising as well, while strains often cause muscle spasms.

Proper diagnosis is important with sprains and strains alike so that you don’t hinder the healing process and so that you can receive the sports injury treatment your body needs. Both injuries are typically diagnosed with a physical examination by a doctor, but you may also have an X-ray and/or an MRI taken to allow the doctor to rule out any breaks or fractures.

Treatments for sprains and strains vary based on the severity of the injury. Mild to moderate (type I/II) sprains and strains can both be treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (better known as RICE). In addition to RICE, chiropractic care, physical therapy, frequency-specific micro-current, and hyperbaric chamber sessions can help to expedite healing. More severe (type III) sprains and strains, however, may require surgery to reattach the ligaments or tendons.

As with any injury, it’s ideal to prevent sprains and strains before they occur. You can help to protect your body with these techniques:

  • Synergy Release Technique (a customized technique available exclusively at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™)
  • Massage therapy
  • Regular stretching and exercise
  • Foam rolling (using a specialized foam cylinder that rolls slowly over the area as a form of massage)
  • Proper warm-up before exercise

The old adage “knowledge is power” certainly holds true in the field of athletics and sports medicine. Knowing the differences between strains and sprains, the symptoms they exhibit, the level of your injury, and more will allow you to limit your risks and to heal more quickly if an injury does occur. For further help either preventing or healing an injury, schedule an appointment at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more health tips.