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Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. It can affect one or many joints. Arthritis mostly affects adults over 65, and more women than men, but it can impact anyone of any age, including children, teens and young adults. It also tends to be more common in people who are overweight.

massage-therapy-joint-pain-inflammationThere are more than 100 types of arthritis but most of us have heard of the two most common types: osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


We know that normal wear and tear causes OA (osteoarthritis), one of the most common forms of arthritis. An infection or injury to the joints can increase a natural breakdown of cartilage tissue. Your risk of developing OA may be higher if you have a family history of the disease.

Some of the common symptoms of OA are joint pain, stiffness, decrease in your range of motion, and redness of the skin around the joint. Many folks with arthritis have symptoms that feel worse in the morning.

Thankfully, Synergy can treat your OA with our Synergy Release Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is increasingly recognized as a legitimate, effective therapy for pain relief. The Massaging relaxes the muscles, tendons, and joints, and studies have shown it to affect long-standing pain issues. Massage therapy has been known to have a positive effect on conditions like neck pain, pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee, and lower-back pain. Massage also increases blood flow and lymph drainage to help flush inflammation out of the muscles and joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Contrarily, RA (rheumatoid arthritis) is an autoimmune disorder. That means that your body’s immune system attacks the tissues of the body. These attacks affect the synovium, a soft tissue in your joints that produces a fluid that nourishes the cartilage and lubricates the joints. RA can invade and destroy a joint, which can eventually lead to the destruction of both bone and cartilage inside the joint.

Symptoms for RA includes:

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Anemia.
  • Slight fever.
  • Joint deformity (if left untreated with severe RA).

Synergy uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat your RA. Synergy uses this modality to treat athletes and people with ADD, joint pain, headaches and more. We use a tube-shaped Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber that patients lie down in during each therapy session. Once the session starts, the patient will begin to safely breath in a higher concentration of oxygen. Since the air pressure in the chamber is also more concentrated than normal, their lungs will retain more oxygen. The bloodstream then caries the increased oxygen throughout your body to aid various conditions.

Lessening the Effects of Arthritis

While there is no known cure for arthritis, you can make lifestyle changes to manage the condition.

  • Lose weight and keep a healthy diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and herbs to reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid or cut back eating a lot of meat, fried foods, processed foods, and dairy products.
  • Get more exercise. Regular exercise will keep your joints flexible. Swimming is often a good form of exercise for people with arthritis because it doesn’t put pressure on your joints in the same way that running, and walking do.
  • Get plenty of rest.

At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, our focus is on identifying the cause of your pain and treating the cause directly. To treat each cause with the most successful method available, we offer a number of treatments and therapies under one roof. Call Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ today for an appointment or visit us online. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more daily Synergy updates.

We are extremely excited to welcome everyone to the official blog of Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™. This blog will serve as a source of education, general information and conversation on the latest advances in the fields of sports medicine, athletic performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. We will also provide regular updates on our services and all the latest developments here at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™.

Welcome to the Official Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ BlogThe goal of this forum is not only to inform, but to foster a dialogue and create a more collaborative, interactive relationship with our patients. Our patients seek us out because we are far more than just a typical chiropractic and sports wellness clinic. At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, because our motto is all about pain, prevention, and performance, we will work with you on a custom restorative therapy plan to help you feel your best. To help get the ball rolling our own Dr. Michael Hatrak, founder of Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, has taken some time to answer a few questions about his medical background and what makes Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ so unique compared to others in the sports medicine field today.

What are your medical credentials?

I have been practicing for over 40 years, with a focus in sports medicine and athletic performance. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic in 1976 from New York Chiropractic College (Columbia Division). In 1992, I began training with Dr. John Patterson, who enlightened me and taught me to see the body in a more heightened way. Over the next 4-5 of years of working together, we co-developed an innovative process for evaluating and treating patients that continues to evolve to this day.

Why did you choose to become a sports medicine professional?

As a young man, I suffered from terrible headaches. After my first visit to a chiropractor, my headaches were remedied and I saw the amazing power a chiropractor can have to help improve the lives of his patients.

What health issues do you find yourself treating most commonly at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™?

We primarily treat sports-related injuries and ailments like hip pain, shoulder conditions, and various foot and ankle injuries. In addition to more active patients, whether they be professional athletes or weekend warriors, we also treat children and baby boomers who may just be interested in improving their conditioning or treating chronic pain.

How would you describe the typical Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ patient experience?

Providing life-changing care.

Are there any new medical advancements or technologies that Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ is currently offering or would like to offer?

I have been working on my certification for a breakthrough muscle integration technique called Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) that helps stimulate communication between neurological pathways of the brain to turn the muscles on. I will offer this in August 2017.

What message about Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ do you wish to convey to the community?

Our proprietary Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ Release Technique is a stand-alone system that incorporates several disciplines in order to bring about long-term physical corrections and restore balance to the body.

What do you like most about the types of patients you see?

No two patients we see are the same. It’s always gratifying to discover the root cause of a patient’s pain or issue in order to provide them with the best possible treatment.

What differentiates Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ from others in your field?

I believe my expertise and experience allows me to approach healing the body in a way that exceeds conventional healing methods. By utilizing restorative therapies and our proprietary Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ Release Technique, we are able to optimize our treatments and restore balance to the body.

What has been your most gratifying experience in your years of practicing?

Early on in my career, I had a patient who was in an automobile accident prior to seeing me. She was confined to a wheelchair for over a year. After trying a number of more conventional methods without seeing any substantial improvement, she paid me a visit. After her appointment, she regained sensation in her legs for the first time since her accident. After her third visit, she was walking.

What do you see as the future of Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™?

I would like to keep working hard and continue developing specialized techniques so Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ will evolve as a worldwide leader in sports performance and rehabilitation for all walks of life. Teaching has always been a passion of mine. I would love to spread my signature healing and innovative wellness approach to others all over the country.

We appreciate Dr. Hatrak taking time out of his busy schedule to help explain what sets Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ apart from others in the field of sports medicine, performance and injury rehabilitation. Check back here to the blog regularly for more updates and news. In the meantime, if would like to know more about Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ or to schedule an appointment, please contact Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram for more tips, photos, and updates.