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It has happened to all of us at one time or another. You get too ambitious with your workout or you lift something the wrong way. The burst of pain instantly tells you that you have strained a muscle. While most people rely on time and rest to heal their muscle strains, strains do not always heal smoothly on their own. To get back on your feet and prevent re-injuries, use these tips from our providers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™.

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Muscle strains are common injuries, and doctors primarily instruct patients to simply rest and use home pain relief measures to let the strain heal. Unfortunately, people often assume this means that they do not need to see a doctor for a strained muscle.

The fact is that some muscle strains are severe enough to need treatment. Muscle strains can also feel similar to other injuries that require treatment. The only way to know for sure if you have a muscle strain or something else is to see a medical professional like one of our providers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™.

In addition, a medical professional can give you more detailed instructions about how long to rest the muscle, how to best ease the pain, and other insights. If you handle the healing period incorrectly, you could re-injure the muscle or do further damage. We will be able to keep an eye on your healing and offer therapies like our Synergy Release Technique or a combination of several other non-invasive treatments like the hyperbaric chamber and frequency-specific microcurrent therapy to help you get back to your active self.

Avoid Heat in the Early Stages

If you ask several random people whether to use ice or heat for a muscle strain, half will likely say one and half will say the other. The truth is that both of these can be helpful, but at different points in the process.

When you first strain your muscle, start with ice. This will reduce the swelling in the muscle and any bleeding from torn blood vessels. After the swelling has gone down, you can apply heat to lower the remaining pain. If you apply heat too soon in the healing process, it could make the pain and swelling worse.

As you do this, remember to never apply ice or heat directly to your skin. Wrap the ice or the heat source in a towel to protect your skin from the extreme temperatures.

Take It Slow

When your strained muscle finally starts to feel better, you may be tempted to jump back into your workout routine to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, this is when many severe re-injuries occur.

No matter how impatient you may be, take it slow when you are ready to get back to the gym. Use lighter weights on the muscle than you did before the injury and slowly work your way up. If you ever feel strain-like pain in that muscle, ease off and scale back your workout. One good practice to take after a severe strain is to perform body weight exercises in a controlled range of motion. Do not push yourself past the point of tightness or pain.

In the best scenarios, a strained muscle is an annoyance that makes life more challenging and painful for a few days. In the worst scenarios, it can be a serious impairment to your career or your daily routine. No matter what your situation is, your health is not worth the gamble. If you strain a muscle, call Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ to schedule an appointment. For additional tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.