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In the life of an athlete, everything makes a difference in your performance. A slight difference in your diet can weigh you down or upset your digestion in a way that throws you off your game. A minor injury can turn into a major one quickly because you’re pushing your body to its limits.

synergy release technique, six-step speed prep, injuries, athletic performance, chiropractorAt the same time, many athletes forget about one practice that can make a far more powerful difference in their performance: visiting a specialized chiropractor and sports medicine practitioner. At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute, our experienced, specialized providers can help your athletic performance in several ways.

Speed Prep

Training and getting yourself into optimal physical shape takes time. However, there are also things you can do to give yourself a last-minute performance boost before your next game or competition. This is the focus of the Six-Step Speed Prep our Synergy providers have developed. Within a 30-minute session, we use several strategies to put your muscles into peak performance mode. This will help to establish more balance and stability throughout your body so you can maintain control and perform at the top of your game.

Injury Prevention and Healing

Few factors will affect your athletic performance the way an injury will. Even a minor injury can lead to long-term damage if it doesn’t heal correctly. This is why our Synergy team developed our unique Synergy Release Technique. During this therapy, we assess your body for the types of small misalignments and irregularities that put you at risk for injuries.

In addition to lowering your risk for injuries by correcting those issues, we can also help your body heal from injuries more smoothly and more quickly. Our well-rounded providers have expertise in Synergy Release Therapy as well as chiropractic care, kinesiology taping, hyperbaric therapy, and other treatments. We use a customized combination of these techniques for each patient to get you back on your feet more quickly.

Synergy Sports Wellness Institute has a deep bench when it comes to giving you a leg up on the competition. Our Synergy Release Technique and our Six-Step Speed Prep have proven effective for professional athletes around the country. However, they’re merely the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for the second part of our blog series about how Synergy Sports Wellness Center can help athletes like you perform at your best. In the meantime, schedule your sports wellness appointment today to get a thorough assessment and treatment plan. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more sports wellness tips.


Most people associate sports medicine with professional athletes, but at the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ in Atlanta we are proud to be able to help patients of all ability and activity levels. Even though we are well known for helping to improve the performance of some of the world’s most elite athletes, fewer are aware that we treat some of the most common complaints as well. For example, many of our patients are all too familiar with the sharp, wrenching pain of “throwing your back out.” Even relatively innocuous activity, like gardening or shoveling or just bending over to pick up a pencil, can potentially send a patient to the floor in agony. Why does this happen? What are we really saying when we talk about “throwing the back out?” Proper treatment begins with a deeper understanding of the back and spine in order to evaluate what is really going on.

throwing-your-back-outThe spine is the central support for the entire body. It bears the weight of the head, torso, and arms while allowing the body to move and bend in almost any direction. The adult spinal column itself is composed of 26 separate bones, called vertebrae, which surround and protect a central spinal cord that connects the brain to all of the various nerves in the body. These individual vertebrae are stacked on top of one another and are separated by elastic disks of tissue that act as shock absorbers. Back pain can be caused by a number of different issues, including muscle spasm or strain. However, what we commonly call “throwing the back out” is most likely the result of one of these disks becoming pinched or displaced.

The individual disks between the vertebrae are not unlike pieces of candy with hard outer shells and creamy centers. The outer portion, or annulus, which is firmly attached to the vertebrae both above and below the disk, is made up of a network of tough, crosshatched fibers that allow it to hold its shape. Inside this shell is the nucleus pulposis, a soft, gelatin-like filling that provides cushioning while evenly supporting the weight of the body. As we grow older, time and stress can cause small cracks or tears to develop in the outer ring. If one of these tears grows large enough, the disk can rupture, allowing the inner filling to squeeze out. This is called a herniated disk. The escaping material presses against the spinal nerves, causing intense pain or even numbness and weakness in the lower extremities. A herniated disk can be caused by a sudden load or violent jerk, but is more often the result of a slow accumulation of minor injuries over time, so the onset of pain can be sudden and unexpected.

In some extreme cases, spinal surgery may be necessary in order to repair a herniated disk. However, about 80% of patients can find relief without surgery, by pursuing a conservative treatment regimen consisting of rest, pain and anti-inflammatory medication, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic therapy. Our proprietary Synergy ™ Release Technique goes beyond simple manipulation by incorporating advanced therapeutic massage, stretching, and muscle activation techniques to restore balance to the body and achieve real, long-term results.

Back pain is a serious issue and needs to be carefully evaluated and diagnosed. At the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, our unique evaluation process uses a variety of metrics to analyze and diagnose the underlying biomechanical causes of a patient’s concern so that we can determine the treatment approach that is right for you. If you would like more information about the various services that we offer, or would like to schedule an appointment with any of our chiropractors or massage therapists, please contact us today. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest news and information sports medicine and chiropractic care in Atlanta.

At the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, our experienced chiropractors and massage therapists work with patients of all ages and athletic levels to optimize their overall health.  That often involves applying our proprietary Synergy Release Technique to treat injury and accelerate rehabilitation, but sometimes it also involves counseling patients on how best to avoid injury and sustain good health in the first place.  One healthy habit that many people overlook is maintaining good posture.  Not only does good posture improve how you look and feel, but several recent studies suggest that poor posture can also have a number of negative effects on your health.

How Does Poor Posture Affect Your Health

Poor Posture Hurts Circulation

The body is designed to move, and prolonged sitting (especially with the legs crossed) can cut off blood flow to the lower extremities, increase blood pressure, and even cause spider veins or chronic pain in the knees or legs.  Poor circulation will also contribute to inflammation, common among patients who are recovering from a muscle or joint injury, or who suffer from certain forms of arthritis.

Poor Posture Compresses Internal Organs

A slumped, head-forward posture compresses the lungs and effectively reduces their capacity by as much as 30%.  This strain forces the lungs to move faster so that they can still deliver adequate oxygen.  The compression also forces the heart to speed up to provide enough blood for oxygen transport.  The result is a vicious cycle which further increases the risk of heart and vascular disease.

Poor Posture Stresses the Spine

The average head weighs about ten pounds, but with every inch that the head is dropped forward the pressure on the neck muscles, discs, and vertebrae is effectively doubled.  As our own Dr. Michael Roura explained in his recent article on cell phone use and neck pain, this added neck strain can potentially lead to tension, soreness, headaches, chronic back pain, and fatigue.  Maintaining a head-forward posture for prolonged periods (like many people do at a computer work desk) may even be related to nerve, muscle, tendon, and ligament damage in the form of repetitive strain injuries.

The discomfort and damage caused by prolonged sitting alone has become a virtual epidemic, especially when you have poor sitting posture. Whether you’re sitting or standing, proper posture and alignment helps to keep the muscles, ligaments, bones, and internal organs in their natural position, reducing wear and tear on joints while relieving stress and improving overall health.  If you need to use a computer extensively (several hours or more each day), our certified Synergy Sports Wellness Providers can help treat your pain and even recommend techniques to minimize the risk of injuring your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and back.

No matter what your age or activity level might be, everybody has to deal with injuries sooner or later, and the expert chiropractors and massage therapists at the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ are here to help.  If you would like to learn more about the many different services we offer, please give us a call to schedule a chiropractic or rehabilitation appointment, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

There are many different sports medicine and chiropractic clinics out there, but what sets the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ apart is our patient-centered approach.  Our unique evaluation process uses a variety of metrics to analyze and diagnose the underlying biomechanical causes of a patient’s issues, and our proprietary Synergy Sports Wellness Institute ™ Release Technique goes beyond simple manipulation by incorporating advanced therapeutic massage, stretching, and muscle activation techniques to restore balance to the body and achieve long-term results.  Hear more about our approach from our founder, Dr. Michael Hatrak.

Whether you’re looking for techniques to optimize athletic performance, exercises to help prevent injury, or simply for relief from pain so you can get back to regular, everyday activities, the experienced specialists at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment program that is specifically customized to meet your individual goals.  If you would like to know more about us or would like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, please contact Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ today.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram for more tips, photos, and updates.