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What Makes A Synergy Massage Different?
~Trey Tucker
One of the things that most patients say after getting their first massage from Synergy Sports Wellness Institute is “That is unlike any massage I have ever received.” This made me think, what makes our massage therapists different?
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I could probably list off numerous qualities that separates a Synergy Release Therapist from your typical massage therapist, but one of the biggest differences is our focus on assessment.  A quality assessment before any type of body work allows the therapist to take your subjective complaints (It hurts here, I feel tight there, ect.), and link it to, or rule out a bio-mechanical cause for the complaint.
Orthopedic Testing
Through orthopedic tests and taking specific measurements, we are able to isolate the cause of your pain or discomfort in your body.  We then use multiple hands on techniques to address the cause of your pain, instead of simply treating the symptom.
When the session is over, we reassess to see if what we have done has resulted in any change in the body.  That way, when the patient says “It feels better” we can correlate that to measurable data.  We then document our results so we can monitor the condition, find ways to prevent it from happening again, and even work with you to increase your performance potential in your daily activities.

See The Difference
One of the most common examples of this is the patient who comes in complaining of pain in the middle of their back and shoulder.  With a proper assessment we can isolate the cause of the pain, which could be coming from a completely different area of the body.  In the pictures below, you can see that the patient’s right shoulder is higher off the table than the left.  In his case, this is caused by tight muscles in the anterior neck, anterior chest wall, and the muscles that internally rotate the shoulder. 

What Makes A Synergy Massage Different?
By focusing on these areas, you can see that we are able to regain symmetry in the body, thus allowing the body to function properly and without pain.  Now that the patient is pain free, we will develop a program to help prevent this condition from happening again, and depending on the goals of the patient, work to meet or exceed their expectations.
What Makes A Synergy Massage Different?

Restore Balance, Remedy Dysfunction, and Treat the Root Cause
The therapists at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute are constantly researching and learning new assessment techniques.  By having this wealth of assessment knowledge, we are able to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient, with the goals of removing pain, preventing re-occurrence of the symptoms, and increasing performance potential.  So, don’t remain in pain any longer.  Call today to schedule your appointment with Trey Tucker.