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Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) is a revolutionary systematic treatment designed to help relieve and treat common joint and muscle conditions. This innovative analysis technique involves assessing individual muscles in the body to identify problematic or injury-causing dysfunctions. Once the analysis is complete, we are then able to develop a custom-tailored treatment plan to relieve the patients’ existing pain while reducing their risk of future injury. AMIT can be a life-changing treatment for active individuals who wish to maximize their peak athletic performance, prevent potential injuries, or quickly rehabilitate a current injury. Dr. Michael Hatrak has been performing the AMIT for over two years.

When a muscle is overloaded beyond its capacity, two things can happen. Either the muscle fibers will tear, resulting in a sprain or strain, or the body will deactivate (or shut down) the muscle. When a muscle is deactivated, the body will create pain in the area during physical activity to avoid further muscle damage. It’s common for other muscles in the area to take on an additional work load when one muscle is deactivated. However, once these muscles also become overloaded, additional stress can take a toll on the ligaments, joints, and connective tissues. This may lead to more serious injury.

AMIT helps treat this condition by identifying muscles that have been previously deactivated and eventually helping them regain their healthy functionality. By utilizing AMIT, Dr. Hatrak is able to test over 600 muscles in areas all over the body to check their functionality and performance. The tests typically use resistance training to gauge the strength of specific muscles in a given area. Once a deactivated muscle is identified, we carefully work to reactivate the muscle by utilizing 7 reflux points to restore normal, pain-free motion. Once reactivated, the muscles will be prepared to properly respond to strengthening exercises.

Because some muscles are deactivated at the neurological level, they can remain dormant forever if not properly treated. AMIT provides a long-term solution that is far more effective than a temporary fix that fails to treat the root cause of your issue. After AMIT, patients will notice that they no longer need to worry about the added stress of healthy muscles compensating for dormant ones.

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