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Rapid Release Therapy

Our providers at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ specialize in treating people with injuries and pain to get them back on their feet. We focus on identifying and treating the root cause of our patients’ pain through a diagnostic exam for pain, so that every patient gets a customized treatment plan. One procedure that has proven successful for countless patients is a type of myofascial release (a therapy for the revitalizing the connective tissue around the muscles) called Rapid Release Therapy.

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Rapid Release Therapy, or RRT, is used to break up scar tissue. Internal scar tissue can form any time you sustain an injury, undergo surgery, or put repeated stress on an area of your body. However, scar tissue has no blood vessels to nourish it, so it eventually becomes rigid and brittle. This rigid scar tissue can bind muscles and other tissue together (these issues are called “adhesions”), causing pain, limited range of motion, and less flexibility.

When our chiropractors and other medical professionals at Synergy perform RRT, they use a device on the surface of the skin that sends precise compression waves into the area, causing vibration in your soft tissue. While healthy tissue is flexible enough to withstand the vibration, brittle scar tissue isn’t. The vibration breaks up the scar tissue so it can be naturally flushed out of your body, removing the adhesions and restoring your comfort and range of motion.

The beauty of RRT, sometimes called Scar Tissue Therapy, as a type of myofascial release is that it’s painless, requires no downtime, and is a treatment you don’t need to repeat in order to maintain your results. The number and duration of sessions will vary from patient to patient, but once the scar tissue is gone, your treatment is complete. Keep in mind, however, that repeatedly placing stress on the area or developing new injuries can cause new scar tissue to form, which could require another cycle of RRT.

To find out if Rapid Release Therapy can help with your chronic pain or other issues, schedule an appointment at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™.