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Six Step Speed Prep

Developed by Dr. Michael Hatrak, the Six Step Speed Prep is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind physical treatment technique that prepares athletes for explosive performance up to 24 hours before a camp or competition. In just one 30-minute session we can achieve full contraction of all muscle groups through this non-invasive protocol, thereby allowing the athlete to perform at his optimum physical state. This process includes balancing the body on three plane lines which allows a balanced proprioceptive picture to be delivered to the brain. This balanced picture allows for the motor system to deliver increased power, balance, and stability. The result is more speed, agility, and less injury.

Achieve Extraordinary Performance Gains:

● Take 10ths off of your 40 Yard Dash
● Increase Your Vertical Jump
● Faster Cone Drill Times
● Increased Agility

The Six Step Speed Prep is available for athletes at all levels: high school, college, and pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of Six Step Speed Prep? 

A: Six Speed Prep uses a one of a kind physical treatment to prepare athletes to perform at an optimum physical performance up to 24 hours before a camp, competition or game. Six Step Speed Prep is available for athletes at the high school, college or professional levels.

Q: What can an athlete gain from this therapy?

A: Six Step Speed Prep therapy can produce more speed, agility and less injury.  Some of the extraordinary performance gains include increasing vertical jump, faster cone drill times, increased agility and taking tenths of seconds off the 40-yard dash, just to name few.


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