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At Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™, our focus is on identifying the cause of your pain or limitation and treating the cause directly. To treat each cause with the most successful method available, we offer a number of treatments and therapies under one roof. But we also have a unique way of correcting body dysfunction using a therapy called Synergy Release Therapy.

Synergy Release Therapy was developed by biomechanics specialist John Patterson, a friend and mentor to our own Dr, Hatrak. Patterson found that the cause of most injuries started early in life, as a result of one or more stresses that compromised the structure and development of the body. Additional or continuous stress in the form of falls, accidents, poor lifestyle choices, or repetitive stress further compromises the body over the years. This ultimately causes more and more dysfunction. Recognizing these stress patterns is the true reason the Synergy Release Therapy is so effective.

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FAQs: Therapies

Q. What kind of Therapies does Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ offer?

We focus on identifying the cause of your pain or limitation and then treat the cause directly. In order to successfully treat each cause, we offer a number of treatments and therapies.  Although we typically use a combination of these to accommodate each patient’s needs, some options may include: In-depth Diagnostics; Six Step Speed Prep; Athletic Performance Optimization; Synergy Release Therapy; Massage Therapy; Laser Therapy; Hyperbaric Therapy; Frequency Specific Micro; Foam Rolling Therapy; Trigger Point; Rapid Release Therapy; and Orthotics.

Q. What do I receive on my first appointment with Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™?

On your first visit a Certified Synergy Release Physician will perform a full diagnostic evaluation. There are two purposes for this diagnostic exam. First, we will identify the root cause of your pain. Second, we will develop a treatment plan that will correct the root cause of your pain. Then we will customize the best therapy and treatment plan to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to correct your dysfunction within 3-6 visits. We are able to achieve this goal with 85% of patients that are treated at our facility. However, if your injury is more severe, please keep in mind that you may require additional time to rehabilitate your injury.

Q. What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling, as the name implies, is the insertion of ultra-thin needling at trigger points to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow and range of motion. One of the benefits of dry needling is the identification and treatment of specific trigger points on the body. These trigger points are often connected to other points of inflammation in other areas.

Q. If I have a problem with pain or my athletic performance what do I need to do?

To learn more about our therapies, additional steps, and personalized patient plans for the future or whether we can treat your pain and improve athletic performance, schedule an appointment with Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™. You can also visit our website for more information about the different types of therapies we offer.


We work to correct those imbalances and avoid injury that might otherwise keep you away from your game. We are different in many ways but we have found that over 85% of everyone treated by us have experienced rehabilitation 60% faster than traditional methods. Why be out of your game for 3 – 6 months when you can be back in the game after 3 – 6 visits ? Come talk to our Certified Synergy Release Physicians and see for yourself why we are so different.