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Understanding the Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

March 13th, 2019 by Synergy

You might have recently seen strands of thick tape on your favorite professional athlete and wondered why it was being used. Most likely, they were wearing kinesiology tape to either provide muscle stability or aid in their body’s healing process. Synergy Sports Wellness Institute uses RockTape® for both athletic performance and injury management. The effects of this technique are still widely unknown to many people so we’re providing helpful information for our readers to understand the benefits of kinesiology tape.

Understanding the Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

What is kinesiology tape used for?

Kinesiology tape works as a safe adhesive that is attached to targeted areas of the body such as shoulders, knees, upper back, etc. It’s effective during both the recovery process as well as moments of physical exertion. During a treatment session, an experienced specialist at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute will place a strip of tape on the site of concern to slightly lift the skin thus increasing movement in the affected area.  This movement serves as a pumping action to increase blood flow for a shortened recovery time. The RockTape® treatment process will help with:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Circulation
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Athletic performance
  • Injury prevention

How does the kinesiology taping process work?

Our providers begin the process with a thorough evaluation that specifically identifies your areas of concern. Once the treatment locations on your body are established, one of our Synergy Sports Wellness Institute® providers will apply the tape in a way that best serves your needs. The placement of the kinesiology tape directly relates to its effectiveness. The material can’t work efficiently if it’s haphazardly placed around the body.

There are several patterns that are used to manage pain. One of the best aspects of this technique is that it can be administered to any major muscle group. If the kinesiology tape is correctly positioned, it won’t affect your range of motion or athletic performance.

When a patient uses the RockTape® taping method, their muscles are decompressed and primed for a faster healing process. Many people feel a significant decrease in pain as soon as they wear the tape. By creating a microscopic lifting action, it safely raises the layers of tissue between the skin and muscle to relieve inflammation. In addition, athletes may experience an easier time combating muscle fatigue and stress during prolonged exercise.

If you have any questions about kinesiology tape or would like to schedule an appointment at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute, please call our office at 404.352.8900. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates and information about sports health and wellness.