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Using Six Step Speed Prep Before Your Next Event

April 5th, 2019 by Synergy Admin

Using Six Step Speed Prep Before Your Next EventTraining requires dedication, sacrifice and massive amounts of effort. Whether it’s a game, camp or competition, months of hard work can be defined in a matter of minutes. This is why Dr. Hatrak and his experienced team at Synergy Sports Wellness Institute offer Six Step Speed Prep for athletes who want to reach their peak ability in time for an important event.

Who can benefit from Six Step Speed Prep?

The Six Step Speed Prep technique can be utilized by both professional athletes and amateurs. It’s a comprehensive approach that readies the body for explosive performance up to 24 hours before an athletic event. Dr. Hatrak developed this versatile treatment for all types of athletes. Therefore, if your event requires you to exert any type of high-intensity physical energy, you can benefit from the Six Step Speed Prep.

Relationship between muscles and performance

Taking care of your muscle health is a significant part of proper training and preparation. During moments of intense physical exertion, your skeletal muscles make a rapid series of contractions with each movement. To better ensure safety and a better performance, your muscles need to be activated beforehand.

The Six Step Speed Prep prepares your body before a competition by helping you achieve full contraction of all muscle groups. In just one 30-minute session, you can achieve an optimal state for competition. The result of this process is an increased speed and agility while reducing the likelihood of an unintended injury.

Game-winning state of mind

Successful athletes have achieved a state of mind that helps them focus on accomplishing incredible athletic feats. A major part of the Six Step Speed Prep includes a process that develops a patient’s proprioceptive picture. Proprioception is the scientific term for a person’s ability to move and position themselves within their environment. For an athlete, this is a crucial factor in their success when the stakes are high. The proprioceptive picture is formed when a patient is balanced along three plane lines that deliver the message of advanced perception and awareness to the brain.

Making performance gains with Six Step Speed Prep

The Six Step Speed Prep process has enhanced game-time performances for high school, college and pro athletes. After treatment, you may accomplish the following:

  • Take 10ths off of your 40-yard dash
  • Increase your vertical jump
  • Accomplish faster cone drill times
  • Improve your agility and coordination

If you have any questions about the Six Step Speed Prep, contact Synergy Sports Wellness Institute™ by calling 404.352.8900. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and tips on health and wellness.